John Iduh


The Creator of DOER School of Marketing

A Certified Consumer Insights / Business Development Professional with relevant experience in  Market Research, Insight Translation, Content Writing, Business Development & Coaching.

Has supported the market-development success of leading brands such as Hero Beer, Trophy lager, Grand Malt, Beta Malt, Big Sam chicken, Fori-Fori. 

Has helped CBN, Abinbev, Pernod Ricard, Hunting Dragons, Brandworx executed marketing projects that delivered amazing results. 

As a student of human perspectives, John is skilled at Communicating Executable insights to support  marketers deal with the struggles! 

DOER School of Marketing

is an 

Intensive Discussions,  

Marketing Projects Supports, 


Creating Solutions,

for the

DOERS of Marketing 

who may be Struggling:

but still believe that

Higher-Sales, fund-raising, Voting,

Customer increase and Financial success,

depends on doing the marketing 

that drives more people to act.

 Because you love your works, 

because you do something that matters, 

here is a support made for you:

DOER School of Marketing

 helps you to

level-up, sharpen to accelerate, 

to deal with the struggles !

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