John Iduh

JOHN IDUH, is a: Researcher. Teacher. Marketer and Developer. A Consumer Insights / Business Development Professional.

Combining 10+ years  experience in  Market Research and Business Development, John founded the Bright-on to help SMEs execute Marketing for better results.

The Bright-on is John’s private SMEs support agency that utilize computer-mediated learning to delivered insights.

As a student of human perspectives, John is skilled at communicating executable insights to support SMEs deal with the complex challenges of doing marketing in today’s hectic business environment.

John works BrandWorx Nigeria, a Lagos based south African Market firm that specialized in route-to-market Process. 

With BrandWorx, John has supported the market-development success of leading brands such as Hero Beer, Trophy lager, Grand Malt, Beta Malt, Big Sam chicken, Fori-Fori and others.

John has executed CBN, Abinbev, Pernod Ricard, Hunting Dragons projects that delivered amazing results.


The Bright-on is a small &

 Medium Enterprise development Company.  

We provide Marketing supports that help entrepreneurs and business 

executives level-up, sharpens to accelerate to deal with the complex 

challenges of doing marketing in today's hectic business environment. 

We are passionate about helping small & medium enterprises within 

Africa execute marketing, solve problems and grow.

Our RTS Enterprise-developer helps SMEs execute marketing for better

 results. We assist enterprises utilize the RTS model to create the best 

solution for the markets they seek to serve.

There are two ways to learn about the RTS-Enterprise Developer: 


The best way to learn about RTS Enterprise

developer is to download  the  brochure.


The second option is to chat with John. John is available

 to share with you the relevance and the impact it  will bring

 to your business,to help you reach the goals you seek to achieve.



We believe that  a business performance that often 

results in better product,  better service, Higher-Sales, 

fund-raising,  Voting, Customer increase or Financial 

 success, depends on doing marketing. 

 Because you have some Projects with goals you  seek to achieve,

 here  are supports made for you:

Our Enterprise Development tools were tailor-made 

to help SMEs execute marketing for better results


Because winning takes care of everything, follow 

my Blog to get updates on consumer worldviews and
tailor marketing to please the people you seek to  serve.