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Trendfacts is a guide to Market-Sensing/Business Intelligence gathering. It helps firm constantly attuned to past, current & Future developments in the Business landscape. As enterprises across  industries are besieged by opportunities and constraints from interlinking Societal forces - forces of Trends, changing technologies & Consumer-Behavior; Competition, Government Policies & regulations, and dynamic marketplace - Business Intelligence Diary was designed in response to help firms  pay attention to events in the Business environment.  The objective is to help firms alive to their aims through learning from past, current & Distant Events that might break or make their Businesses. Trendfacts helps firms keep up with their strategies, attuned to new developments in the Business Landscape. Business Intelligence Gathering begins with key questions:


What has been our past blind Spot?

Who were our competitors?

who were our Customers?

What was the cause of our customers' defection?

What prompted our customers migrating across the industry boundaries?

What were our past strengths?

What were our past weaknesses?

What instructive analogies alternative industries offer?

Who is in our industry smart at picking signals and acting on them?

What was the outlook of the PEST [political, Economic, Social, Technological] environment?



What are the forces shaping the existence of our category?

What important signals are we rationalizing away?

What are the mavericks,  defectors/Complaining Customers really telling us?

What are our direct competitors empirically doing?

What are our indirect Competitors really thinking?

How is the Competitive Boundary really shifting?

How are the market-segments evolving?

How are the customer-values changing?

What is happening in the PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) environment?



What future surprise that might really hurt us?

What future opportunities that might really help us?

What emerging technologies could change our game?

Is there any unthinkable scenario that might disrupt our business?

What is the outlook of the PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) environment?


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