Experiences that prompt Kinetizing.

Late at night:

  • You lie awake staring at the ceiling,
  • Worrying about challenges of at the business landscape.
  • You're awake because you are thinking about achieving growth — dramatic growth — of your customer base, of your brands, of your top-line revenues;


  • Shelves are busy;
  • Markets are fragmented;
  • Categories are competitive;
  • Growth is stunted;
  • budget is limited;
  • Competition is shrinking profit margin
  • on top, your brands are declining in relevance;
  • and you're awake because you think achieving dramatic growth is fraught with risk, knowing that those unwilling to take risks are pushed aside by competitors with the ambitions, skills and courage to uncover and capture transformational opportunities.                                                        Learn More

Too many marketers and brand owners overlook the most powerful source of those opportunities — one that's right at their fingertips — their firms' existing energies. Rushing into repositioning, some risk sacrificing the strengths they've worked to build, throwing their businesses into regretting crisis and confusing the consumers (people) they were hoping to attract. Providing a framework that helps brand owners avoid such mistake is one of the key issues Business kinetizing Model is designed to address.

As a wealth-creation model, Business kinetizing Model assists entrepreneurs and companies uncover "profitable opportunities" through insights derived from Market intelligence for leveraging their frims' existing energies creating products and services are tailored to fit the trending markets or consumer groups for firms' growth & survival. This may come inform of new market positions, new products; customer must-haves that form new categories/subcategories, or wealth generating channels.

One logic is that firms can occupy profitable market position amidst competition, by using research data or insights deduced from market intelligence.

The  aim of Kinetizing Model is to help firms develop growth strategies from the outside-in, such that their businesses or products become  growth drivers in the competitive marketplace.