Intersection marketing: An Introduction.

May 21, 2014

Intersection Marketing is a marketing model that aims to help Businesses intersect or align their strengths to markets through Insights from Business Intelligence.

Since I began, in the year 2010, my ongoing  research: studying industry dynamics, market segments, and changes in and around product  categories, I have been convinced that Intersection Marketing has the potential to help businesses drive customer-following. This is because, my observation of the business landscape has clear evidence that: 

 "a firm could develop great marketing supported by large budgets but will not make a dent or even move a needle unless it creates customer-compelling space that that define what people want; unless a new competitive arena in which the competitors were not effective emerged; and unless it create market space that opens some defining gaps from competition. Then success could be dramatic in terms of sales, profits, and market position". 


For example, Etisalat Nigeria and other Companies have Mathematically demonstrated Intersection Marketing:

  •  Etisalat Telecom Strengths + Browsing-on-the-go trend = Easycliq
  • Amstel Brand Equity + Sugar Conscious Trend = Amstel Low-sugar Malt
  • Yoplait Yogurt Producing  Strength + Eat-on-the go Trends = Gogurt.
  • MTN Telecom Strength + People's desire to spend Less when making calls = Supersaver  Tariff Plan.

Intersection Marketing  was designed to help businesses align to markets through insights from Business Intelligence. It aims to help Businesses use the guidance for Creating Customer-compelling values that define what people will-be-willing -to-buy.


With Intersection Marketing, firms stand the chance of marketing successfully! 

Consider a Person looking for detergent powder for washing clothes. Such person has several options as objects of choice decision: 

  •  One-wash
  • Stain-removal
  • Sparktly-clean, colour-protection etc

 If one-wash is selected as purchase option, the brand, perhaps, Ariel that represents one-wash in the minds of the consumer becomes a choice driver, making other brands other brands irrelevant in the powdered-detergent space.  And this is the reason we are sensitized by Ariel frame to focus on  "One wash"  - a customer-compelling sweet spot, created in the detergent industry.


Amstel Malt  in the same wise, created mind-compelling space, "Low-sugar malt" in  the malt category. This initiative helps Amstel became relevant to sugar-conscious-consumers, the first choice during malt-purchase-decision.


In the mouth-care arena, similarly, Oral-B Toothpaste tells us to consider "strong Teethwhen the need for mouth-wash arises. With this initiative, competitive arguments were not on the radar screen". 

 The examples above demonstrated Intersection Marketing initiative. "They created Market-compelling values people were willing to buy.

 Intersection Marketing  help businesses:

  • Create Customer-compelling values people will be willing to buy.
  • Pioneer new categories or subcategories!
  • Innovate Must-haves,
  • Create relevance
  • Create people-will-be-willing to buy!
  • Exclude competition from purchase option during purchase decisions!
  • Prevent brands from sinking into irrelevance!
  • Drive Customer Loyalty & Relationship!
  • And ultimately marketing success.

For Intersection Marketing guidelines, Click here!

What is Intersection Marketing?

March 25, 2014

Intersection Marketing is a marketing model designed to help Businesses Creating Customer-Compelling values that define what people want, and will-be-willing -to-bu.

As a Growth model, Intersection Marketing was designed to help firms  match their existing energies (or strengths) with insights from Business intelligence, such that company products  are tailored with relevance to fit market requirements and sell with less hassles.

The Intersecting firms are those firms that are  proficient in ...

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Intersection Marketing: A Guide to Creating Customer-Compelling Value or new Business space

March 25, 2014

Since I began, in the year 2010, my ongoing market research: studying industry dynamics,market-successes of brands, and changes in and around product  categories, I have been convinced that Kinetizing Marketing has the potential to help businesses: 


    • Creating  Customer-compelling spaces for their products!
    • Pioneer new categories or subcategories and choice drivers!
    • Innovate Must-haves, relevance or people-will-be-willing to buy!
    • Exclude competition from purchase option!
    • Prevent their brands from d...

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Experiences that prompt Intersection Marketing.

March 25, 2014

Late at night:

  • You lie awake staring at the ceiling, 
  • Worrying about challenges of at the business landscape. 
  • You're awake because you are thinking about achieving growth — dramatic growth — of your customer base, of your brands, of your top-line revenues; 


  • Shelves are busy; 
  • Markets are fragmented; 
  • Categories are competitive; 
  • Growth is stunted; 
  • budget is limited;
  • Competition is shrinking profit margin
  • on top, your brands are declining in relevance;
  • and you're awake because you think achie...

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Intersection Marketing Model is premised on a simple analogy.

March 25, 2014

Assuming  you were in a physics class where a drawn-catapult housing a piece of stone was given as an example of potential energy. The catapult-and-piece -of -stone stores energy based on its position, ready to spring into action. When the catapult is released, potential energy becomes kinetic energy and the piece of stone rockets skyward with effects.

Like this analogy of a drawn catapult-and-piece -of -stone, all entrepreneurs or firms have potential energy based on their current skills and ...

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Intersection Marketing Helps Firms Create Emotive Frames

March 25, 2014

Emotive Frames matters. They help businesses define object of choice decisions.

For example. It matters whether you are buying an energy drink for athletes, for office workers or for women, or a nutrition drink, a breakfast drink, a protein bar or a diet bar. 

More so, a person looking for the following brands will be sensitize by their frames:

OMO...........stain removal

Aerial...........Best Stain removal in one wash

Oral B toothpaste...........Strong teeth

Jaguar is differentiated, in part, aro...

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Key Questions that guide Intersection marketing

March 25, 2014

Business Trends: What are the forces shaping the future of your category?

Consumer trends, Market Consolidation or fragmentation, increased competition, an emerging opportunity, a category trend — anything that helps define the future of your business and focus your organization's efforts, qualifies.


Firm's Existing Energies or Strengths: What is your firm's existing energy? What is own-able, credible and extendable re-interpretation of your current strengths?

While there are several descript...

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Winning Customer Loyalty and Relationship by Emotive Frames.

March 25, 2014

If you look at brands in the apparel, beverage, and cosmetics categories, even to the automobile space, consumer or customer loyalty and relationship are driven by such emotive frames that aim at higher purposes - defining  market space. 


  • Omo powdered-detergent which explains that Stain-Removal is what consumers should seek in detergents.
  • Aerial also tells us to choose One Wash if a choice for detergent is on a table
  • Renaissance Credit that that stands for  24hr cash loan
  • Oral B toothpas...

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The Purpose & examples of Intersection Model.

March 25, 2014
The purpose of Kinetizing Strategy is to help firms match their existing strengths with insights from market trendsto:
  • Create new markets and positions
  • Define new market-categories/subcategories to make competition irrelevant
  • Create emotive frames as bases for business or brand-customer relationship
  • Create what consumers will be willing to buy
  • Do the needful for customers and its carefully chosen target markets


Category Dynamics: GEICO Insurance fundamentally shifted the way insurance is b...

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How To Intersect

March 24, 2014

Since I began, in the year 2010, my ongoing market research: studying industry dynamics, and changes in and around product  categories, I have been convinced that Kinetizing Marketing(KM) has the potential to help businesses: 

    • Create  Customer-compelling spaces for their products!
    • Pioneer new categories or subcategories!
    • Innovate Must-haves, relevance or people-will-be-willing to buy!
    • Excludes competition from choice discussion!
    • Prevent their brands from declining relevance!
    • Drives Customer Loyalty...

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JOHN IDUH On Intersection Marketing

JOHN IDUH Helps Business align to markets through INSIGHTS from Business Intelligence.