Intersection Marketing is a marketing model designed to help Businesses Creating Customer-Compelling values that define what people want, and will-be-willing -to-bu.

As a Growth model, Intersection Marketing was designed to help firms  match their existing energies (or strengths) with insights from Business intelligence, such that company products  are tailored with relevance to fit market requirements and sell with less hassles.

The Intersecting firms are those firms that are  proficient in leveraging their existing energies (or strengths) with  insights from Business intelligence to create customer-compelling values people want, and will be willing to buy. Those firms are smart in:

  • Detecting market signals from business periphery and acting on them
  •  Markets, Competition / Change Sensing
  • Learning the current and the distance events in the business landscapes. 
  • Researching key drivers of customer Value and how market segments are evolving
  • Learning consideration sets people use to form preferences for making product purchases 
  • Devising strategies from the outside-in
  • Generating Ideas for Value Creation that consumers will be willing to buy.
  • Creating new Categories, subcategories  - Market spaces that open defining gap from competition.
  • Crafting emotive frames for Brand/Market positioning as bases for business or brand-customer relationship
  •  Customer linking, and Market Relating 
  • Doing the needful for customers and carefully chosen target markets.
  •  Market-Channel Bonding & Relationship
  • Business or strategic re-alignment during industry or market dynamics.