If you look at brands in the apparel, beverage, and cosmetics categories, even to the automobile space, consumer or customer loyalty and relationship are driven by such emotive frames that aim at higher purposes - defining  market space. 


  • Omo powdered-detergent which explains that Stain-Removal is what consumers should seek in detergents.
  • Aerial also tells us to choose One Wash if a choice for detergent is on a table
  • Renaissance Credit that that stands for  24hr cash loan
  • Oral B toothpaste redefines the mouth-care space as "Strong Teeth"a basis for customer loyalty and relationship with the Oral B.
  • Amstel Malt that stands "low-sugar Malt attuned to diabetic or sugar-conscious trend". This serve as a basis for customer loyalty and relationship.
  • Etisalat that Provides EasyLife, Easycliq, Easyflex, Homezone etc  as bases for customer loyalty.
  • MTN that also deliverSuper Saver, Family & Friends, Free Night Calls, Pulse, as good reason patronizing it over competition.
  • The U.S Democrat Party that stands for  Tax-Relief, free-education, etc.
  • Paracetamol that delivers Pain-Relief from feverish condition - the reason for choosing it over competition.
  • Blackberry that provides  Pinging -  as bases for customer relationship
  • In Educational market, there are Weekend Schools, Night Schools; Branding schools, Online Schools, Tailoring Schools, Catering Schools; 6 Days MBA programme, etc.
  • Investment and stock trading Categories Forex Trading defines a different platform,
  • Body Treat Cosmetics Provides Skin-Lightening and beauty clarifying,
  • Dove delivers Moisturizing;
  • Close-Up Toothpaste delivers Fresh-Breath;
  • Volvo provides Safety Car;
  • Indomies provides  Instant Noodles; 
  • Rolex delivers luxury watch

All the emotive-frames above serve as motivation for customer loyalty and relationship to the brands, given their market/category trends.   

The logic behind Kinetizing  is that individual enterprenuers or firms can  use their existing energies  to drive market dynamics by creating the needful for customer loyalty and relationship, resulting in new market positions that defines by subcategory frames. Through Kinetizing, market share trajectory will emerge - driven by subategory innovation that opens a defining gap between the product and competition.The idea is to change what people buy by creating new categories or subcategories that alter the way that existing customers look at the purchase decision and use experience.

Winning under emotive frames as business kinetizing archetype is very different, based on being selected because competitors were not relevant rather than not preferred, a qualitatively different reason. Some or all competitor brands are not visible and credible with respect to the new category or subcategory. The result can be a market in which there is no competition at all for an extended time or one in which the competition is reduced or weakened, the ticket to ongoing financial success.

The Kinetizing strategy here involves transformational or substantial innovation to create offerings so innovative that new categories or subcategories are created. It involves an organizational ability to sense changes in the marketplace and its customers, an ability to commit to a new concept and bring it to market, and a willingness to take risks by going outside the comfort zone represented by the existing target market, value proposition, and business model.