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Creating Relevance that define some opening gaps from rivals is the Route to Making Competition Irrelevant

Posted by John Iduh on Sunday, June 5, 2016, In : Insights for Strategies 
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Competition is irrelevant when industry rivalries are not important (to the customers) or relating to the need, or solution being discussed; or purchase decisions being considered (right now). In other words competitors are not relevant. The relevant offer (brand offering) is the one that provides for such needs or has the solution [now] during the purchase decision [being taking right now]. Look at these:

/ Stain-removing detergent

/ Colour-protecting detergent

/ Colour-Brightening deterg...

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Framing drives customers to buy

Posted by John Iduh on Sunday, June 5, 2016, In : Insights for Innovation 

If you create something capable of meeting needs (product) and use frame metaphors with supporting phrases or vocabularies that define a space (category or subcategory) such that it targets or have particular meaning, value or importance for some people;  affect or appeal to these people in emotional, social or self-expressive ways, customers will knock your door. Consider these:

/ Luna introduced “Energy Bar for women”.

/ Dettol reframed the skin-jelly space to include “Anti-bacteria Ski...

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