Creating Brand Vision + Market Application

Challenge: How do you Identify the Brand dimensions that are relevant for the strategic contexts you have at hand, and capable of resonating with  your chosen markets?

Solution: Brand Vision Model  will help you answer the question.  This solution was developed to help you adapt and apply your brand vision elements rightly to different market segments and in Geographies. This is important because my observation reveals that real  business starts with Brand Vision. Firms need an articulated description of the aspirational image for their brands, what they want their brands to stand for in the eyes of customers and employees. That description drives the brand-building component of the marketing programs, and greatly influences the rest of their brands and business activities. When the brand vision clicks, it will reflect and support the business strategy, differentiate from competitors, resonate with customers, energize and inspire employees and partners, and precipitate a gush of ideas for marketing programs. When absent or superficial, the brand will drift aimlessly and marketing programs are likely to be inconsistent and ineffective.

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