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Category Innovation &  Marketing

Challenge: How do you create a market position to make your industry competition irrelevant and grow with rare exception? How do you create an offering so relevant such that your industry competition is awkward to gain visibility and credibility at the space? How could you prevent rivals from unleashing assaults? Can you keep your marketing enemies at Bay?

Solution: Category Marketing will help you do just that! Category Marketing is an important solution because growth with some exceptions, only occurs by engaging in innovation that creates “must haves” that define new subcategories. Thus firms   need to nurture “big” innovations in offerings, services or programs. One implication is that the competition in dynamic categories is shifting from head-to-head battle of  “my brand is better than your brand” marketing to the creation of subcategories, and to managing their defining image so that the right subcategory wins, and so that your brand is the most—or the only—relevant brand in a market space, and so that competitors’ argument is not on the radar screen. The trend is: Category First, brand Second!

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