Creating Concepts

Challenge: How do you create concepts that will impress customers, as good purchase option and be willing to buy?

Solution: Concepts framing Guides is a solution developed to help you create concepts that will impress people to buy. It leverages  customer knowledge to help you frame concepts that will earn the loyalty of customers. Framing concepts matters. Framing, if turns out, can affect how a people perceive, talk about, develop attitudes toward, and, ultimately, buy and use your products. Framing influences thinking, perceptions, attitudes and behavior towards brands.To illustrate, Ariel, competing in the detergent space explains that “1Wash” is what consumers should consider as a choice option. Oral B tells us to go for “Strong-Teeth” when the need for mouth wash arises. Amstel Malt delivers “Low-Sugar” benefit to the diabetic-conscious group.

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