To succeed as content marketers, brands need to reposition themselves as publishers as well as service or product providers. But it's also not enough to just produce content and put it out into the world - you need to focus on getting your strategy right.

Content marketing is not a one-off campaign, but an on-going process and a mind-shift for the way the brand markets itself. You need to distribute, promote, monitor, measure and optimise your content as part of a holistic strategy.

Content marketing relies on the existence of a community - if nobody's around to see your awesome video clips and share your fab photos, then they're pretty pointless. Your social media profiles are where your community will congregate, so that's where you need to start applying your strategy.

Being effective here relies on:

Knowing your audience


Creating and sharing appropriate content

Responding and engaging

If you're sharing college drinking games with your middle-aged realtor audience at 3am, or share some tasteless religious videos over the Easter weekend, you're not doing it right. And if you make mistakes like this, you'll end up chasing your audience away - and developing a really terrible reputation.

If you're going to do content marketing, make sure you do a lot of research upfront - and take the time to make something awesome before you share it.