Good copywriting and graphic design create powerful communications with your market. They help a creative vision and message resonate with your audience. Good copywriting and graphic design will:

  • Reinforce your value proposition
  • Evoke your brand
  • Convey your messages in a meaningful and memorable way
  • Improve response and ROI for your campaigns

Good copywriting and graphic design are essential for all of your marketing tools, such as your website, sales literature and tools, and messaging. They’re also vital to each and every marketing campaign, whether it’s email, direct mail, traditional media or online advertising.

Copywriting & Graphic Design Value

Writers and designers can have broad or very focused skill sets. For example, a writer may specialize in web copy, technical writing, advertising copy or sales letters. Graphic designers may focus on web design, logos, flash design for online campaigns, or print design. Agencies may offer a variety of services, but they can also be just as specialized.

When you create literature or other creative projects, you’re making a substantial investment. By using the right people and managing your project effectively, you’ll maximize your chance for success.

Good copywriting and graphic design work to make the entire campaign successful. Weak copywriting and graphic design lower response rates, and directly affect the bottom line.

With Growth specialist you can define the copywriting and graphic design requirements for your projects, match the right resources for the job, and manage the creative process through completion. Or, if you’re inclined, you can perform the work yourself. Most importantly, you can ensure that the execution of your marketing campaigns is aligned with your brand strategy.

Copywriting & Graphic Design Tools in Growth specialist

  • Project Timeline:  Identify the key steps and deadlines for a project.
  • Content Requirements:  Define the required content prior to starting on design. 
  • Creative Briefs for Copywriting:  Create the template to communicate what should be delivered on each page.
  • Creative Briefs for Design:  Record the specific details of the project design requirements. Include copy and content for the designer to use during the project.
  • Evaluation Forms for Creative:  Create templates that evaluate creative work to ensure that it meets the project goals.
  • Approval Forms for Copywriting:  Complete the checklist to confirm that the copy meets the project requirements.
  • Approval Forms for Creative:  Review the final design work to ensure that it goes to print without errors.

You might need copywriting & graphic design help if:

  • Your existing creative work doesn’t reinforce your brand or your campaign goals
  • You’re using a new creative firm
  • Your in-house resources need more strategic direction during the creative process