Your brand: your personality, Habit, activity, possession, skills, assets, or anything that make people interact and connect with you is the real source for you to creating wealth. You need to leverage those contact points that make people relate with you positively.

Your brand needs to have a strategic vision that details what you want it to stand for. It should be aspirational but realistic in terms of what can be added, changed or made credible. Just the decision to manage your brand and develop a brand vision can be transformational. However, Several questions need to be addressed:

  • What is the current image? What do people think of you in terms of personality, skill, activity, possession and people you associate with? What are their expectations of you in terms of talent and motivations?

  • What are your assets, such as your education, personality elements and people skills? What are you good at? What are you interested in improving?

  • What are your plans for programs to upgrade or change? Any plans to build new skills, add new activities or dial up of existing ones?

  • What image would you like to portray? How is it different from your existing one? How aspirational is it? Is it simply emphasizing some aspect of your brand that already has credibility, or does it represent changing the person and ultimately the image? It should be recognized that the latter is more difficult.