Diasporas are groups living away from their birth countries such as first-generation immigrants. The idea is to market your brand to a group that is familiar with and has an affinity for offerings that come from their home country. When that group provides a sales base, it gradually expands to people connected to the diaspora and finally to a broader market.  Consider these brands:

  • The Mexican beer brand, Tecate, built US sales by reaching out to first-generation Mexican-Americans and now has 20% of that segment. 
  • India’s Reliance MediaWorks has tapped into the US Indian population that watches Bollywood films by setting up quality theaters aimed at this market.
  • Dabur, a manufacturer of herbal medicines, also from India, secured a foothold in the United Arab Emirates by focusing on the Indian segment—some 5 million Indians who live in the Gulf Region. 
  • Bangladesh’s food brand, PRAN RFL, set up distribution channels where the Bangladeshi diaspora exists, such as East London.
  •  Indian restaurants or Supermarkets in Nigeria. 
  • Chinese Restaurants in Ghana.