Creating Customer Sweet-points

Challenge: How do you create an online strategy that involves customers in an energized social community? How do you generate an engaged, active “go-to” website?

Solution: You must change the orientation of marketing from selling something, to create  Customer Sweet-points. This means you must create a go-to-place for something relevant by becoming an active partner with a program around customer’s interest points. A customer interest point reflects customers’ “thinking and doing” time, beliefs and values, love, choices, activities and passions, possessions or places they treasure. Ideally, it would be a part of, if not central to, their self-identity and lifestyle and reflect a higher-order value proposition, much beyond the benefits provided by the offering. To illustrate, Pampers went beyond diapers by creating the Pampers Village community that provides a “go to” place for all issues relating to babies and child care.

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