Email marketing helps you cost-effectively communicate with your market in an immediate and relevant manner. With email, you can:

  • Nurture leads
  • Build brand awareness
  • Obtain prospects
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Generate sales

Email marketing integrates well with other marketing and sales activities. In B2B marketing, email can play a vital role during the sales process, and often works well combined with search marketing, online advertising, telemarketing, customer retention and selling activities.

Email Marketing Value

You can reach a wide audience with email, but that doesn’t mean you should. It’s most effective when you target your audience so you speak to specific needs. Think of it as a one-to-one communication – personalized, relevant, and timely – not a blast.

Email is more editorial in nature than advertising, and it’s powerful because it can support and even drive a sales process. Yet, like any medium, it has challenges. Business people get hundreds of emails (or more) each day, so you need to get your message past spam filters and give people a reason to read it. A strong offer, valuable editorial content, appropriate design and a good fulfillment and measurement process help make email campaigns successful.

With Growth specialist, you can determine how to integrate email marketing into your marketing mix and improve existing email campaigns. Good email marketing can increase the number of incoming leads and improve lead nurturing during the sales process, enabling reps to spend more time selling to leads that are ready to purchase. This can generate more sales, increasing the top line while reducing selling costs.

Email Marketing Tools in Growth specialist

  • Email Marketing Brainstorming:  Generate ideas for campaigns to meet various business goals.
  • Determine Email Marketing Campaign Strategy:  Develop an overarching email strategy. Identify specific goals, target audience, messages, offer and timing.
  • Create an Email Marketing Campaign Execution Plan:  Define the timing, format, content, fulfillment, tracking and launch plan. Determine the technology platform, creative guidelines, testing plan, response rates, and budget and execution plan.
  • Analyze Existing Campaigns and Improve Performance:  Analyze existing campaigns and determine areas for improvement. Match projections to results, and document findings for future campaigns.

You might need email marketing help if:

  • Your email marketing isn’t producing quantifiable results
  • You’re not using email marketing
  • You’re looking to generate more leads from the Internet
  • Your sales reps are nurturing, instead of selling, in the sales process