You can look at any category and the result is the same. In automobiles, for example, market dynamics are driven by innovations represented by brands such as Ford’s Mustang and Taurus, the VW bug, Mazda’s Miata, Chrysler’s Minvans, Toyota’s Prius and Lexus, BMW’s Minicooper, and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car. In computers, the market was altered by new subcategories like Digital’s minicomputer, Silicon Graphics’ workstations, Sun’s network servers, Dell’s build-to-order PCs and Apple’s interface. In services, Westin’s Heavenly Bed defined the premium bed hotel. In packaged goods, there is Odwalla, SoBe, and Dreyer’s Slow Churned ice-cream. In retailing there is Whole Foods Markets, Zara, Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Ikea, Zappos and Muji. Let’s take a closer look at Muji to provide a profile of one brand that has created “must-haves.”