Kinetizing strategy can help firms convince their target markets that their products can accomplish two seemingly conflicting benefits. This is an attempt to straddle two conflicting values or reconciling conflicting consumer goals and create best-of-both solution:

  • BMW, for example, first made a strong competitive push into the US. market in the early 1980s. It positions its brand as  " the only automobile that offer both luxury and performance". At that time, consumers saw American luxury cars as lacking performance, and American performance cars lacking luxury. By relying on the design of its cars, its German heritage and aspect of a well conceived marketing program. Its clever slogan, " the ultimate driving machine" , effectively captured the two conflicting benefits - luxury and performance.  With this initiative, BMW was a market success. 
  • Similarly, Go-Tex was able to overcome two seemingly conflicting image: Breath-ability and Waterproof. It promises its markets that breathability and waterproof can be delivered through Go-Tex's technological strength.