Online advertising refers to three general types of campaigns:

  • Banner ad campaigns appearing on various websites
  • Ads or sponsored content in targeted email messages and newsletters
  • Affiliate programs enabling other companies to display your ads on their websites in return for commission based on click rates or sales

Online advertising provides a venue for reaching a very broad or targeted audience in order to generate leads, communicate a message and increase visibility.

B2B companies have a smaller universe of prospects than consumer companies, but the value of each prospect is typically far greater. With a targeted campaign and a good offer, a handful of highly qualified prospects can potentially generate substantial revenue.

Online Advertising Value

Internet marketing isn’t just for consumer marketers and large B2B firms – it’s a powerful vehicle for companies of all sizes.

Online advertising will continue to have greater significance for B2B companies with the growth of the Internet. The benefits of online advertising are:

  • Timing:  Reach business people when they’re actively looking for information, vendors and solutions.
  • Immediate Results:  Test and launch quickly, and generate rapid response.
  • Targeting:  Direct your message to very specific audiences.
  • Lead generation:  Develop leads by capturing prospects early, providing critical information, and nurturing them throughout the sales process.
  • Cost:  Reach a large audience at a lower cost than via many other media.
  • Scalability: Conduct campaigns of any size on any budget.

Growth Panel shows you how to add online advertising into your marketing mix. Set up and manage campaigns, measure results, and analyze the final contribution to the top line.

Online Advertising Tools in Growth Specialist

  • Evaluate Online Advertising Options:  Review the pros and cons of various online campaign options, including banner ads, rich media / video, email newsletter ads and affiliate programs to name several.
  • Plan an Online Campaign:  Define the campaign goals, media type, and execution details.
  • Buy In-House or through an Agency:  Evaluate whether to hire an interactive agency or purchase media directly.
  • Evaluate and Purchase Online Media:  Identify sites, evaluate pricing and create design outlines and a media schedule.
  • Create an Affiliate Program:  Select a network, develop a commission plan, create ads and manage and improve your partner program.
  • Create Budget and Track and Evaluate Results:  Continually measure and improve results, including assessment of ads and placements.