Publicity in the media (both traditional and online formats) can be extremely valuable in building credibility and creating an awareness of your company.

For example, a legitimate news story is an endorsement that can reach a wide audience for very little cost beyond your own creativity and time. There are many forms of publicity including:

  • News stories/interviews on industry sites and in trade journals, newspapers, magazines, and other publications
  • Quotes by experts included in stories written by a journalist or a blogger
  • Self-authored stories published on websites or in industry publications
  • Speaking engagements

Publicity isn’t about luck; it’s about investing in a good PR program – one that produces brand awareness, new leads, and new and repeat customers.

Publicity Value

Publicity is a highly cost-effective strategy that can:

  • Build awareness of your products/services, expertise and people
  • Drive prospects to your website
  • Drive participation in a promotion or event
  • Educate the market about problems your company can solve
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with the market

The key to success is creating newsworthy stories. They should be interesting, relevant, and timely, and they should offer new information or insight to your prospects.

Even if you don’t think you have newsworthy content to share with the world, you can benefit by implementing small programs to raise your visibility. At the very least, you should include news releases on your website and home page; these can improve search engine rankings and enable prospects to see what you’ve been doing.

With Growth Specialist, you can add publicity campaigns to your marketing strategy. Raise your profile in the market, generate new leads and leverage one of the highest value media channels available. Good publicity can do more than boost sales; it can reinforce your competitive positioning and brand strategy to add economic goodwill to your balance sheet.

Publicity Tools in Growth Specialist

  • Publicity Brainstorming:  Develop ideas about newsworthy matters that could be part of a publicity campaign.
  • Create a Publicity Campaign Strategy:  Define your campaign strategy, the target audience, the hook, potential media outlets and the next steps for your campaign. Determine whether to launch in-house or through an agency.
  • Define Your Publicity Execution Plan:  Create a company media kit, a media contact list, press release templates, pitch guidelines and a web optimization plan.
  • Analyze Existing Publicity Campaigns and Improve Performance:  Measure and track results to initial goals, and recommend points for improvements.