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Insight Search

Posted by John Iduh on Sunday, August 17, 2014,

 Insight Search [IS] 

Insight is the foundation of development. For developing practitioners looking for fresh insights from actual behaviors, attitudes and ways consumers do their things in order to develop: Business or Program Strategies; Breakthrough Innovation Concepts and Appropriate Marketing Messages; Or  brand owners  that want to kick-start new business approaches or refine the existing ones,John-Iduh's Insight Search  is a research service that aims to support brands unveil to transl...

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Brand Vision

Posted by John Iduh on Sunday, August 17, 2014,

Creating Brand Vision + Market Application

Challenge: How do you Identify the Brand dimensions that are relevant for the strategic contexts you have at hand, and capable of resonating with  your chosen markets?

Solution: Brand Vision Model  will help you answer the question.  This solution was developed to help you adapt and apply your brand vision elements rightly to different market segments and in Geographies. This is important because my observation reveals that real  business starts...

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Intersection Marketing

Posted by John Iduh on Sunday, August 17, 2014,

Aligning Business to Markets

Problem: Many times, you observe that your customers find  it so reluctant  to buy your brands or subscribe to your services despite investment in great marketing that asked then to do just that. Then you start figuring out what to do to earn the loyalty of these customers.

Solution:  Intersection Marketing was  developed as solution to help you  align your Business objectives, resources and capabilities to the marketplace needs. It is a Product + Market Int...
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Posted by John Iduh on Friday, July 11, 2014,

Elevate your offering by defining what the customer is buying. Ideally, it will become a “must have,” which means that if a brand is deficient on that characteristic it will be less relevant and unlikely to be considered. It may even become completely irrelevant. Consider:
  • Whole Foods Markets makes “organic food” a primary choice factor for food.
  • Dove created a case for moisturizing as a must-have shampoo characteristic
  • Patagonia arguing that clothing brands should have sustainable...

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