We are besieged by the growing trends in instant-gratification. With daily discounts becoming a part of everyday life, more consumers want quick, instant rewards and are becoming less patient with ongoing, long-term loyalty programs. As such, more brands are creating campaigns that offer immediate rewards and prizes. What’s more, these instant rewards are often given through user interaction, which allows the brand to merge both engagement and incentives to further amplify positive brand association and top-of-mind awareness  making brands go-to authorities while suggesting opportunities for new  categories and subcategories to emerge. 

Consider the emergence of these subcategories:
  • Quick MBA
  • Instant tea
  • Instant food
  • Instant milk
  • Instant Message
  • 6 days MBA program
  • One year degree program etc
You too could create INSTANT........................, by filling  the space, a new product could emerge!