Traditional media, such as print, radio, TV, yellow pages and even outdoor ads, play a role in the marketing mix for many B2B companies.

It’s important to treat these programs as longer-term investments because responses tend to come gradually -- they aren’t as immediate or as measurable as responses to Internet marketing, telemarketing or direct mail. Targeting may be an issue and you may not be able to measure the branding impact of your campaign, but these media are solid vehicles when they’re in line with your goals and when they’re used in a larger campaign.

Traditional Media Value

You can use these media to reach a large audience, generate leads, build visibility and drive promotions. They're especially valuable when used in combination with other media in a larger campaign.

These media often reach a broad audience and thus can be relatively expensive. Yet in your industry or region, they may be very effective in helping you reach your market. For example:

  • In many industries, print ads in monthly trade journals are an important vehicle to reach decision-makers.
  • If you sell to a certain geographic region, directory listings and ads may be crucial for reaching buyers at the point when they’re searching for solutions.
  • You may need to reach a wide variety of prospects in different industries, so it might be most effective to advertise in a regional or national business publication, in a newspaper or on a radio program.

With Growth Panel, you can determine what types of traditional media to use to achieve your revenue goals. Create the campaign design plan, manage execution and measure results. While traditional media have been around for many years, B2B companies can still benefit by adding them to their marketing mix to achieve revenue targets.

Traditional Media Tools in Growth Panel

  • Evaluate Traditional Media Options:  Evaluate the different traditional media options to determine which are right to meet your business goals.
  • Buy In-House or Through an Agency:  Determine whether to outsource media purchasing for a campaign.
  • Develop and Plan a Traditional Media Campaign:  Establish the business goals, the target audience, the offer, and the content. Determine fulfillment pricing and test plans for print, radio, outdoor and television advertisements.
  • Creative Planning:  Set guidelines for the Creative team to follow in designing your ads.
  • Create Budget and Track and Evaluate Results:  Set the budget and measurement plan for your traditional media campaign.