Vendor selection is an important part of the marketing process because few companies have the resources to complete every project in-house. For example, you may need a vendor’s expertise and resources to:
  • Write, design or produce sales literature, ads or other creative materials
  • Design, write or develop your website or online campaigns
  • Run a telemarketing campaign
  • Develop your media plans and purchase the media
  • Provide email or search marketing services
  • Manage the print and fulfillment process for a mail campaign
  • Handle publicity
  • Write messages and slogans

Vendor Selection Value

There are many benefits to outsourcing.  You can gain deep industry experience, access new technologies, or save money thanks to the efficiencies a vendor can provide. But it’s important to carefully evaluate and manage vendors to reap those rewards.

Even with years of experience in a particular area, it can be a time-consuming process to evaluate and hire the right vendor. It’s even more difficult if you are hiring a vendor for a function that you know very well yourself.

With Growth Panel, you can define the scope of a project, establish the criteria for evaluation, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. The right vendor produces quality work and completes the project on schedule, both of which are essential to good marketing planning and execution.

Vendor Selection Tools in Growth Panel

  • Define Project Requirements:  Define project requirements and identify specific services and qualities you need from a vendor.
  • Identify and Analyze Vendors:  Research and identify vendors that appear to meet your initial criteria. 
  • Create the RFP:  Create and submit your request for proposal.
  • Evaluate the Vendor:  Review proposals and follow tips for hiring vendors in various categories, including CRM, SEO, web development, sales coaching/training, naming, branding, copywriting, graphic design, telemarketing, fulfillment, publicity, direct mail and interactive agencies.