Content marketing is important for many reasons. It positions the brand as a trusted expert and source of reliable information and entertainment. This can be used to improve the company's public relations. It humanises the brand - people want to hear from people, not impersonal business entities. Users want valuable content, not adverts - content marketing lets you give something back to your community and raises your esteem in their eyes. You gain insight into what customers want from you by analysing their interactions with your content.  Valuable content boosts your SEO efforts - the more people share and link to your content, the better. This should be a long-term strategy for establishing the brand and building relationships and consistency. More for less – Salon’s content strategy has shown amazing returns.

Does it really work?

Online magazine Salon found that publishing 33% fewer posts and dedicating the saved time to creating amazing articles increased their readership by 40%. This shows the power of dedicating yourself to content quality over simply flooding fans with content - and that's for a brand where content is the product. Content and social media in harmony on the Red Bull website.Red Bull is the undisputed master class in content marketing. From extreme sports clips and musical showcases to celebrity blogs, the Red Bull Media House has a holistic content strategy that positions it as a cutting-edge youth brand without ever mentioning the words "Red Bull" or "energy drink".

Over 300 million YouTube views later, the strategy is so successful that access to the content portal is marketed as a feature, for example in its mobile partnership with Cell C, where customers can buy Red Bull-branded phones.