Key Brand Projects Executed

JybTV a member of R-wells media develops to present TV programs to air on cable and broadcast channels. In the age of digital disruption that TV audience is diverted to smart-phone screens; holding audience attentions consistently for extended time becomes a challenge. For this reason JybTV needed regular insights from cultural trends and TV audience to supplement its efforts developing TV programs that resonate with Children, Teenagers and Young adults. On this purpose, JYB TV seek my dexterity to support the her team in order to: 

   Execute  primary research studies

  Collect, Analyse and Interpret all tracking sources.

  Visualize and Present data to key stake holders.

  Develop and maintain relevant TV audience reports.

  Co-ordinate content research for allocated programmes.

  Process to gather insights in an efficient allocation of programmes.

  Presenting industry news and concepts relating to the evolving media landscape.

  Research, Analyse, and Report on changing audience behaviour and media industry trends.

  Collaborate with digital and social Analytic team members on cross platform initiative including development and tracking content viewership and brand engagement across platforms and devices.

The  ongoing research efforts is has helped JYB TV developed series of TV programmes with episodes!


TINK AFRICA's Trend-Hunting Projects - 2014


Sense to Translate Consumer-Trend-Insights into actionable recommendations for business applications, in order to support Brands in Africa respond more effectively to evolving consumer needs.

TINK Africa, a trend intelligence plus consumer insight company has a premium-access Online intelligence portal: "Trends Worth Billions". TINK wanted to inspire subscribers to this cloud-based platform  with selected case studies, Market-insights and impactful innovations within their industries. TINK engaged  John Iduh to support trends-intelligence team gather and Translate trend insights into business implications, such that they be regularly published on the digital platform in order to support businesses in Africa respond more effectively to evolving consumer needs, lifestyles, behaviors and general cultural phenomenon. For more than two years till date, John Iduh has been sensing Market trends for TINK Africa, and explore how African companies could positively leverage the insights in furtherance  of their marketing objectives.

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SABmiller Beverage Market Research Projects – October, 2014 -Till Date


Documenting  for deeper Comprehension of Market Routes and Trading Patterns in the Nigerian Beer and Malt Sectors through Every Dealer Survey (EDS).


BrandWorx client, Sabmiller, now ABInbev, the Parent of Pabod Breweries, Intafact Beverages, Voltic Nigeria Ltd  and International Breweries as well as brand owner of Hero beer,  Trophy lager, Grand Malt, Beta Malt etc wanted to understand beverage trading patterns, competition, Brand sales, Sources of Supply, Sales Rep behaviours, Storage type, Outlet and segment characteristics in order to measure market sizes, calculate opportunities, develop strategies and innovation across Nigerian Geographies. To support execute this project, Brandworx hired John Iduh to support her Research team study Malt/Beer Market-Channels through Every Dealer Survey (EDS). From Monday, 20th October, 2014 hitherto, we have researched for SABmiller, using Android-enabled Data collection App on mobile devices to document  wholesale and Retail trading: Outlets Census and Maping; Survey and Segment Dealers/Resellers;  Analyze category competition, Brand Availability, Suppliers, Routes-to-Market,  Drink storage and Number of  cooling systems, Prices, Sales/Consumption Statistics; and Audit Sales Representation activities. These efforts are already delivering insights to support Sabmiller develop winning strategies, innovation and Marketing Messages in the Nigerian  beverage -sectors.


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Globus' Soft-Chicken Segment Project – 2013

 Investigating the Substance behind Demand Decline for "Cut 1/4 Soft-Chicken" in Mr. Biggs Outlets in the Lagos Metropolis.


 A member of Triton Group, Globus Resources Ltd, the Marketer of Big Sam Soft-Chicken, in 2013 was facing  declining demand for "Cut 1/4 Soft-Chicken" across Mr. BIGGS outlets in the Lagos Metropolis, despite quality services to customers. To identify the forces behind the dynamics, John Iduh helped Globus conducted Product, Price, customer and competitive investigations for 4 weeks. The revelation was that two prime competitors, Chi-farm and Zartech, had secret meeting with Mr. BIGGS franchisor, UAC Nigeria, and agreed to be offering "Cut 1/4 Soft-Chicken" to all Mr. BIGGS outlets in the Lagos state, at a lower fixed prices, Globus was not doing. This signal from competitors spurred Globus to embark on "Price cut, fixed price, and extended credit limit and credit period" offer for this segment. As a result, sales went trajectory after 7 days of implementation.



JohnTrec Shoes


Johntrecs Manufacturing Company was faced with threats of category competition, market dynamics and declining relevance. The company  wanted to clearly  differentiate itself from its geographic rivals and from tried and tired industry practices. Johntrecs executives were contemplating a radical new approach to address  customer needs  and challenge industry norms.



Johntrecs  tapped my expertise in Trends-Insight, consumer Knowledge, and Concepts Developement to supplement its own efforts aimed at addressing latent needs with innovation that will make a difference -  making industry competition irrelevant. 

The Effort

 I helped the company conduct extensive market studies that identified a space, new ways in which the brand could inspire,influence and compel consumers to act. I helped  Johntrecs confirm a core tenet of its JohntrecsShoes and JohntrecsBags strategy  with  distinct opportunities to create subcategories.


 My efforts  helped revealed some insights that showed consumers  were generally fed up with what they saw as traditional handbags, shoes and Palm-Sandals.

 I also identified the millenial Demographics and  shoes and Bags enthusiasts that has the most promising opportunities


  I helped  Johntrecs create Market-compelling shoes and bags Concepts - with attributes consumers considered relevant; with the resulting Johntrecs brand strategy that differentiated the company from its competitors by emphasizing simplicity, aesthetics and value; I helped Johntrecs carry its Shoes and Bags concepts forward through an activation plan that included customer experience design; and a development and measurement system to track progress and inform performance targets.


The Implementation

 I assited Johntrecs steadily bring this strategy to life at every brand touchpoint with the comprehensive brand program that  extends from positioning, messaging and communications to customer experience and employee engagement.


The Result

 The launch of JohntrecShoes and JohntrecBags concepts  in March, 2011, helped the company earned the loyalty of customers  with sales increase by 25 percent, 4 months after commercialization! Johntrecs also aquired  hundreds of customers in the quarter following the announcement of this new Concepts - the largest customer growth in  years. Consumers in the geography have  named Johntrecs as one of the 2011's Most Innovative Shoes and Bags Manufacturer.



 Our Shoes and Bags visions and concepts are landing extremely well with customers, and John Iduh played an important role in making that happen, said Johnson Edeh, the Managing Director  at Johntrecs. I really appreciate the focus, Insights and strategic point of view that the John Iduh  has provided over time.


Hunting Dragons' Alcoholic Spirits and Beer Projects - March to April, 2017.


Documenting for deeper Knowledge of Alcoholic Trading patterns in the  Nigerian Middle Belt.


Hunting Dragons Consulting, a BrandWorx Client and a  South African based Management Consulting firm that specializes in the design of route to market processes. Hunting Dragons   got a project that was subcontracted to BrandWorx. The firm wanted to understand, in the Nigerian middle belt, the temperate zones especially, how Alcoholic Spirits and Beer categories were traded:  Volumes and Quantity sold periodical; Price per unit and Cases; Sources of Supply;  Number of Cooling Systems in Outlets;  and identification of Market Segments etc.

With BrandWorx's research team, John Iduh supported Hunting Dragons conducted Insightful quantitative studies in Jos Plateau State and Abuja FCT between March and April, 2017.